Vehicle Servicing

Our workshops are fully equipped to deal with all your Land Rover and Range Rover needs, whatever the job or model. We have invested heavily in the latest diagnostic equipment and specialist tools needed to service and repair all models of Land Rover and Range Rover, whether you own a Defender, Series, Discovery, Range Rover or a new Sport, our technicians can deal with them all.

Whether you require a service, power upgrade, pre-MOT, some off road preparation or just a minor repair, call our service department to arrange a convenient time and date and a loan car if required.

Servicing of Late Model Land Rovers and Range Rovers

It is a popular misconception that it is not possible for Keith Gott, as an independent Land Rover specialist, to service and repair your vehicle if it is still under warranty. Most Main Dealers will tell you that we do not have the correct diagnostic equipment, staff training, or that your warranty may be affected.


This is completely untrue thanks to EU regulations. As long as we use Genuine Parts and Land Rovers service schedules your warranty will not be affected. The diagnostic equipment and training we have is as good as the Main Dealer if not better; in fact there are advantages in getting us to do the service work, as we can advise you on any warranty work your car may need before it lets you down. Our labour rate is normally much cheaper than a Main Dealer and we only charge you for the time we take not what the book says.

We can also save you money in the long term as we often include preventative maintenance in our Service Schedules that the Land Rover and Range Rover schedules do not, and can adjust our servicing schedules to suit your vehicles needs. For example if your Land Rover or Range Rover is used for heavy towing, site or off road work, it may benefit from more regular servicing, something that is often not made clear.

October 2012